About Us

The Wheat Ridge Center for Music and Arts was founded in 2021 as a safe space where artists and performers can meet to rehearse, give shows, collaborate, and create. 

Sharing space with a historic church, our performance space is acoustically renowned, and we have ample space for exhibits and classes.

Mission  The Wheat Ridge Center for Music and Arts (WRCMA) provides quality space for participation in all aspects of the performing and visual arts and community functions.

Vision  Thriving in the heart of Wheat Ridge, the Wheat Ridge Center for Music and Arts nurtures artists of all kinds. The community-oriented venue provides a home for growing and established ensembles and artists, allowing them space to practice their craft, collaborate, innovate and interact with the community. With space for musicians, visual artists, culinary artists, and the community, WRCMA offers space to make dreams a reality.